Solutions for your vision

There are different IOL solutions available depending on your current vision, eye health, personality and lifestyle. 


Most IOLs have a single point of focus which means you will still be reliant on glasses for most activities, whereas some IOLs have many points of focus that can remove the need for glasses altogether. 


The points of focus offered by IOLs are typically defined as Distance vision, Intermediate vision and Near vision. 


Before you visit an eye surgeon, it is recommended that you write a list of all your day-to-day activities (e.g. driving, playing golf, reading, cooking) so that they can recommend the right solution for your lifestyle. 

What lens is suitable for me?

The table below shows the expected post-surgery vision offered by different types of IOL. Not every IOL is suitable for everyone and so your eye surgeon will discuss and recommend the best option for you based on your eye health, lifestyle and personality. 

Different types of IOL available

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Visual outcomes are not guaranteed, you should always discuss the most appropriate solution with your eye surgeon.


Near vision Intermediate vision Distance vision Astigmatism correction
Monofocal toric
Enhanced monofocal
Enhanced monofocal toric
Enhanced monovision
Enhanced monovision toric
Trifocal toric
"The freedom of not wearing glasses and having new lenses has been extraordinary and wonderful."

Susan R, Sulcoflex Trifocal patient (UK)