Toric IOLs

If you have been told that your eye has some astigmatism, which is an imperfection in the curvature of your cornea resulting in distorted or blurred vision at all distances, then your surgeon may recommend and be able to offer a toric IOL. The surface of a toric IOL is specifically designed to overcome the effect of your astigmatism and provide you with clearer vision.


Rayner offers toric versions of its monofocal, trifocal and supplementary IOLs:


RayOne Toric – a toric monofocal IOL that provides high quality distance vision; for near and intermediate activities you will need to wear glasses.



RayOne EMV Toric – an enhanced monofocal toric IOL with an optical design that most patients find provides greater range of clear vision after cataract surgery compared to traditional monofocals.




RayOne Trifocal Toric – a toric trifocal IOL that can provide you with glasses-free vision at all distances. Learn more about trifocal technology.




Sulcoflex Toric – a toric supplementary IOL that can be implanted after your cataract surgery if you need any further correction or adjustment of your vision. Sulcoflex Toric typically provides distance vision only; for near and intermediate activities you will need to wear glasses.



Toric IOLs may only be available through private healthcare or surgery.

What can I see clearly with a monofocal toric lens?

Vision before cataract surgery

Expected vision before cataract surgery

After cataract surgery with no glasses

Expected vision with a monofocal toric lens implanted

After cataract surgery wearing glasses

Expected vision with a monofocal toric lens implanted but wearing glasses for near and intermediate activities

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